Why YOU should consider having YOUR skis Stone Ground

Hot irons, fluorocarbons and trail debris all take some life out of your skis. A metal scraper can be used to help with some of these problems but in the end a fresh stone grind can make those old skis like new again. In many cases, skis that were not performing as well as others can come back to
life and be part of your regular rotation again...click here to read the full article.


This page will provide information about XC Alberta Cups and Biathlon Alberta Cups. We will provide base preparation and grind recommendations a week prior to each race. Loppet information will be added soon too!

2017-2018 info will be up when the schedules are out.

The Globe and Mail: The Science of Slide

January 14, 2014

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Learn all about The Grinders


Geret Coyne explains why ski preparation can be the deciding factor between winning and losing.


Geret and Rich featured in video from ESTv


See what happens when a fluorocarbon powder is ironed onto a ski at 200c. The resulting "sparkles" are the reason behind wearing proper filter mask.  I applied this powder straight onto the skis without any base wax. The likely hood of damage is far less than waxing with a hard parafin like LF4. The key is a good iron set at a very high temperature.