Calforex Cup #5/ Western Canadian Championships


March 2-3

It is getting to that time of year when you need to consider regrinding your skis for optimal performance! Due to repeated waxing and multiple kilometres of skiing the base material of the skis deteriorates and become less able to hold wax.

Given the cold long range forecast we would recommend cold ski construction with cold bases and MGR2 grind, GR1 grind would also perform well with some polishing on the front half of the ski.

Bring your race skis to us by Wednesday evening for grinding and or waxing, we are really good at dealing with the pain in the butt hard wax!

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Hinton Nordic Ski Club Location

Environment Canada Weather Forecast – Hinton

Swix Wax Wizard

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NorAm/Calforex Cup #1, Canmore 2018

November 30 - December 2

Trails are in great condition. The snow is fine grained man made snow (G1, G2) with mid to hard pack conditions (H3, H4). When choosing skis for this weekend we recommend testing between your cold base skis and universal base skis. The grind that we recommend for getting you across the finish line the fastest is an MGR 2 grind for your skis this weekend.

Bring your race skis to us before 5:30pm Friday and they will be ready to rock for the weekend races.


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Canmore Nordic Centre Weather Stations

Canmore Nordic Centre Webcam

Environment Canada Weather Forecast – Canmore

Swix Wax Wizard